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Let’s Talk Burdock Root!


Whether enjoying the savory, cajun taste of Burdock Root in our ‘Crawfish’ w/ Garlic Basil Sauce entrée, fried to perfection in our ‘Crawfish’ Po Boy, or grilled and dressed with our smoky, sweet Harlem “Renaisauce’ for our BBQ ‘Crawfish’ Sandwich, the health benefits of Burdock Root should not be ignored.​​

The plant burdock is a short biennial which has origins in Northern Europe and Siberia. Popularized as ‘gobo’ in Japan, it has been cultivated at larger scale as a major root herb since its earlier inception. Burdock is an easy-growing, hardy plant able to thrive worldwide in many diverse climates.

Our Craw Po Boy Photo @ j2food

Primarily, Burdock Root contains enzymes that foster positive bacteria in the body. Thus, consuming Burdock Root contributes to a healthy immune system. In nursing mothers and pregnant women, these benefits extend to the infant discouraging the growth of pathogens in their growing bloodstreams. Enzymes in Burdock

Root (Bifidobacterium) make it difficult for negative bacteria to grow in Mother’s Milk.

Like squash, sweet potatoes, or bananas, Burdock Root is rich with potassium. Enjoying Burdock Root also increases the benefits of Vitamin B6. Burdock Root aids mood control as well as electrolyte retention. Historically, Burdock Root has been utilized as a natural blood purifier. Burdock Root is also a natural diuretic ridding the body of excess water by increasing urine output.

A superfood indeed, we are happy to serve Burdock Root many ways. Come share in the taste tonight! We cannot wait to serve you! Call 212.222.0092 for delivery or reservations!

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